* 12/28/23 - Stock Updated

* 11/13/23 - Pages Added For Weapons, Tools, and Armor

* 11/04/23 - Stock updated (archaeology)

* 10/09/23 - Stock updated + Potions Added

* 10/02/23 - Dyes Added

* 09/17/23 - Fantastic Dioptra Auction Today + Tomorrow

* 08/03/23 - Added Bulk Logs For Sale Under Bulk Items page

* 07/29/23 - Updated Blacksmithing & Archaeology Pages

* 04/12/23 - Sales Log Added + Stock Updated

* 03/28/23 - Stock updated

* 03/24/23 - Launched Red HQ Shop!


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Red HQ Shop Main Page
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Welcome to Red HQ's custom shop!

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DM Redheart in game to make a purchase!

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& Enjoy (Window) Shopping!

Red HQ Is Located On Cadence:


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